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Business Model Overview:

Almost all companies today require the use of computers to be competitive. Once a company starts using computers, return on investment, security, and business data integrity become paramount.

Return on investment (ROI) is the anticipated financial benefit (the "return") on resources expended (the "investment") on a particular project or product. ROI is usually measured by looking at the investment and how it makes your company more competitive and therefore more profitable by delivering better products and services than your competitor in a timely manner.

The business information required to achieve this goal must be secure and accessible.

Your business owns its data and relies on it to be successful. This requires that all business data reside or be backed-up on a central server or set of servers, not individual workstations. Once all your business data is centralized it can be more easily protected and backed-up.

To keep your data secure, three different issues need to be addressed. First, the hardware chosen to be the repository of your business data must be designed and built robust enough to accomplish the task. Second, a firewall is required to protect the network from outside intrusions. Third, a backup methodology must be put into place to allow for recovery from data loss or data corruption.

To achieve this security and accessibility requires a simple, very straight forward approach to network and systems infrastructure:

  • Maintain a Secure Central Data Location to Guarantee Data Integrity
  • Deploy High Performance, Low Cost, Workstations to Maximize Worker Efficiency
  • Employ a High Performance, Reliable, Expandable Server to Maximize Data Availability
  • Install an Easily Configured Firewall to Maximize Network Security
  • Implement Good Physical Network Infrastructure to Support All Of The Above

Small to Medium Size Business Network Model:

Business Network Graphics

This model provides all the features discussed above in a very cost effective implementation. The functions provided are described below.

Internet Firewall Protection:

  • Implemented using a spare or older workstation and open source software.
  • Uses Redhat Linux for the O/S - No Windows O/S security problems!
  • Uses public domain Firewall graphical user interface front-end.
  • Redhat Linux Operating System has iptables firewall backend built-in.
  • Disable all system services except those required for the Firewall.
  • Hardware requirements:

>400MHz Processor, (Faster CPU Required ONLY if data flow > 3Mbits/sec)
128 MB Memory, (More Memory ONLY Required if used as a caching Firewall)
Two Network Interface Cards (NIC),
> 10GB Hard Disk (Just large enough for O/S and Logs)
Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor
700 VA Un-interruptible Power Supply with Surge Protection

Centralized Data Storage on the Linux Server:

  • Looks like a Windows or NFS disk to Workstation users (Easy to use).
  • Provides RAID protected programs and data using inexpensive IDE disks.
  • Easily configured and partitioned to provide data access only to those users that need it.
  • Easily set up for company email, intranet and file sharing.
  • Can be used to separate departments on to their own sub-networks.
  • Allows daily automated backups for data security and preservation.
  • Reliable, inexpensive and easily configured (Set it up and forget it - It just runs!).
  • Hardware requirements:

    AMD XP2400+ or P4 2.5 GHz Processor (1 to 10 Users)
    Dual AMD MP2400+ or Dual Intel Xeon 2.6 GHz Processors (11 to 100 Users)
    512 MB Memory, (More Memory ONLY Required if used as a Intranet Web Server)
    Two Network Interface Ports (NIC),
    3Ware IDE RAID Controller
    80 to 160 GB Usable Hard Disk Space (Company Storage Analysis Required)
    100 to 200 GB Tape Drive for Automated Backup
    Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor
    Redhat Linux for Reliability, Functionality and High Performance
    700 VA Un-interruptible Power Supply with Surge Protection


  • High Performance, Low Cost, AMD XP or Intel P4 based System.
  • 256 MB to 2 GB of Memory.
  • 40 GB 7200 RPM IDE Disk
  • CDROM and Floppy Disk Drives
  • Graphics, Audio, Ethernet, Keyboard and Mouse.
  • 15 Inch to 21 Inch Monitor or LCD Display
  • Windows XP or Redhat Linux Operating System
  • Keyboard, Mouse (or trackball) and Speakers
  • Reliable power and cooling for years of trouble-free operation.

This type of approach promises a simple yet efficient business network which is cost effective and  easily implemented, maintained and upgraded. If security, reliability, maintainability and function are kept in mind during the design and implementation of a business network, the outcome can provide your business with a significant competitive advantage and a fast return on investment.

Integrated Solutions and Systems can help you maximize your return on investment and increase your competitive advantage. Call us and we will be glad to help you design, configure and optimize your network infrastructure.

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